Pearl Jam Monterrey Dic 7 2005


Fue un 7 de Diciembre del 2005 , una noche inolvidable para los seguidores del grunge en nuestro país (Mexico)

Conoce que canciones tocaron en su visita a Monterrey, mejor aun, te comparto el enlace a mi playlist para que lo escuches y deleites.

Playlist clic here

The night begins with Ed’s hello, “Que onda, Monterrey?” a common way young people in Mexico greet each other. The Auditorio Coca Cola normally holds 20-40,000 capacity but the entire venue was not opened up, so the attendance was only 8-10,000, prompting Ed to start “Hail, Hail” off with the modified lyric “Looks like there’s room for both of us.” Ed welcomes the crowd in Spanish, saying “Hola Monterrey, como esta? Nosotros estamos contentos” which translates (roughly) to “Hello Monterrey, how are you? we’re fine.” He then switches to his native tongue, saying “Is it ok if I speak English? It’s hard for me to speak Spanish when I’m drunk, you’d understand” and continues “But, you know, we’ve been a band for 15 years and it’s very nice for us to be able to come to a place we’ve never been before.”

Este es el orden de las canciones que se tocaron esa noche:

Set: Long Road, Corduroy, Hail Hail, Animal, Do The Evolution, Given To Fly, Even Flow, Light Years, Lukin –> Not For You, In Hiding, Grievance, Green Disease, Daughter/(Suck You Dry)/(Androgynous Mind)/(It’s OK – Spanish), Jeremy, Rearviewmirror

Encore 1: Man Of The Hour, Off He Goes, Elderly Woman…, Last Kiss, Black, Alive

Encore 2: You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away, I Believe In Miracles, Kick Out The Jams, Rockin’ in the Free World, Yellow Ledbetter